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Elevate your Medical services.

Patients are constantly searching for medical practitioners they can trust.

Consistently branding your professional skills & expertise will elevate your services, and build connection and trust with your patients like nothing else.

You may not think of yourself as a ‘brand’, but you most certainly are one, so why not be a great one? If you’re looking for someone to help you create a trusted, professional & polished look for your medical services or professional practice, you're in the right place.


Brand Identity Design Services for medical doctors, surgeons & specialists.

Brand loyalty starts with a recognisable visual identity that your patients trust & connect with.

We don’t just design logos, we build cohesive brand systems for our clients - encompassing brand strategy & naming, brand identity creation (colours, fonts, imagery, logos/submarks & patterns) as well as the development of branded collateral such as business & appointment cards, letterhead tailored to suit your PMS, referral pads, treatment menus & condition brochures, as well as social media headers & post templates. 


Who is this for?

The Medical Brand Design Package is perfect for you if:

  • You’re a healthcare professional, surgeon, doctor, medical specialist, coach, therapist, or counsellor

  • You’re ready to ditch the DIY logo that never really looked quite like you'd hoped

  • You’re ready to start reaching your ideal patients with a consistent, professional brand identity

  • You want a brand identity that propels you forward, setting you up as an expert in your field

  • You don't have any branding, or would like to redesign your existing brand to align with your ideal vision for your practice

  • You've browsed our portfolio and you like our design style

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What's included?


Brand Strategy

  • Branding Design Questionnaire

  • Audience Discovery

  • Custom Moodboard design

Brand Identity

We take all that we've learnt throughout the Brand Discovery Phase & translate that into a visual identity for your brand. This includes:

  • Primary & alternate sub-mark logo designs

  • Signature Brand Marks, Patterns or Textures

  • Custom Illustrations/Icons

  • Colour palette

  • Font System

  • Brand Style Guide

  • Final Branding Files delivered in .jpeg, .png & .esp

Brand Collateral

We will design your choice of two (2) collateral items.  You can choose from the following, and we can always add a few more if necessary:

  • Business Card / Appointment Cards

  • Letterhead to suit your PMS

  • Referral Pad

  • Treatment Menu

  • Notecards/Postcards

  • Social Media Profile Graphics (Cover image/Banner for up to 2 platforms)

  • Social Media Launch Graphics





Timeline: 1 month Partnership

This is subject to the overall scope of the project, and includes an initial week for the discovery phase & homework tasks.  


Additional à-la-carte Branding Services

If this is our first time working together, it's essential that we initially develop your brand identity in order to establish a strong foundation that can be further applied to additional collateral.

From there, we offer an array of services like print & web collateral to help your brand navigate seamlessly from the real world to the digital world. 

Our additional services include:

  • Social Media Profile Graphics (Cover image/Banner for up to 2 platforms)

  • Social Media Ad Graphics & other templates

  • Business Cards / Appointmnt Cards

  • Referral Pad design

  • Treatment Menu/Condition Brochures

  • Letterhead to suit your PMS

  • Notecards/Postcards

  • Landing/Lead pages & Funnel design

  • Design of Lead Magnets/PDFs/Collateral/Digital Assets