We are a website design studio focused on building beautiful websites and meaningful & thoughtful brands.

We are a branding & webdesign studio driven by simplicity, clarity & purpose. 

We partner with medical & healthcare professionals, just like you, to help you refine your brand messaging, build trust with your audience & attract the clients you want to work with.

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01. Welcome

If you’re a medical practitioner or healthcare provider, you may not think of yourself (or your clinic) as a 'brand'. 

However, your brand is the story you tell to ensure that your potential clients understand who you are, what you value & how you can be of help.  It's how your audience perceives you, and how you encapsulate what your business stands for. 

Online today, you literally have only seconds to connect with your potential client and build trust, so investing in your brand & website is one of the most valuable investments you can make to set yourself apart from others in your industry.  By refining your personal messaging & designing a clear brand identity for yourself and your clinic, you will build immediate trust with your clients and set yourself apart from your competitors.

Helena Leslie - Founder Handsome Ground - Website Designer

03. About

Hi, I'm Helena Leslie and I am the founder and Creative Director of Handsome Ground Studio. I grew up in Sydney, studying Art & Design at UNSW. I worked in the Arts Sector for many years, before moving to beautiful Canberra with my husband and our two busy children.

I am passionate about engaging with medical & healthcare professionals because I know how hard it can be to set up & run your own practice. It takes many unique skills that are very different to the skills you use to day to day care for your patients and their families.

This is where I meet my clients: ready to here your story, dig deep into your vision for your practice, & design a brand identity & website that will build trust & set you apart from your competition. 


04. What Clients are Saying

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