Case Study: Private Genetics Health.

One of the most important objectives for the new website design was to feature all the services that are offered by Private Genetics Health in a way that was clear and intuitive.  We spent a lot time designing the wireframe to deliver a navigation structure that was simple and intuitive, that would guide patients toward the information most relevant to them and their families.  

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How to set up Google Analytics in Squarespace.

Understanding your website’s traffic and being able to analyze their demographics and behaviors is so important to growing your audience base.  Once you know who these visitors are, when they are online, and how they came to find your site, you will be able to use that information to create valuable tailored content that your audience is looking for.

Squarespace provides analytics in the settings tab of your website, which is a great start in understanding your traffic.  Google Analytics however, is the industry standard for analysing your website traffic and being able to understand who is coming to your site.  When you install your Google Analytics tracking code to your Squarespace website you will be able to dive deep into your audience base, finding out their gender, interests, even country and city of origin.  Google Analytics also allows you to track and analyse any Google Adwords campaigns you may be running on your site within the one space.

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Helena Leslie