1. How much do you charge for a new website?

Firstly, your dream website has a $300 version and a $50,000 version. The difference between these price points comes down to the quality of the design, the overall customisation, speed, SEO, functionality, attention to detail, security, as well as the general size of the site.

Handsome Ground Studio's rates are based on our years of experience, the quality of work we deliver, as well as the time we invest to create each project.

We have kept our business overheads low to allow us to offer a lower price point to our clients & keep our services much more affordable than larger design agencies.

2. If I have an idea for a logo, could you design it for me?

We always welcome client's ideas and preferences & use them for discussion points while we create their brand strategy and mood board. It is important to keep in mind that the ultimate end goal is to create a visual brand that is best for your business, and that may mean straying from your original idea. If all you are hoping for is to bring your exact vision to life, we am probably not the right fit for you.

3. What platforms do you use to build websites?

We design in both the Squarespace platform and with WordPress using the Divi Framework. After extensive research and practical application, we have found that the Squarespace platform provides the best functionality for most of the small to medium businesses we partner with, while also giving our clients the freedom to update their sites easily and intuitively themselves.

We are such big fans of the Squarespace platform here at Handsome Ground Studio that we use it ourselves. Combining a beautiful design-driven content management system with fast, reliable web hosting that is SEO optimised and fully mobile and tablet responsive, Squarespace is our platform of choice.

WordPress definitely offers our clients added functionality (such as membership) when required, however we find that it can be a bit more daunting to use, & sometimes tricky for our clients to manage & update themselves long term.

4. How long does the process of website design take?

The actual process takes approximately 4-8 weeks depending mostly on the development of content/photography for the site. Upon your inquiry and subsequent acceptance of our contract & quote, you will be allocated a time slot which will be dedicated to designing your website and/or branding. Once the digital assets, site content and website plans are finalised we will then start designing and developing your web site. You should schedule about 3-4 weeks to work on all of your content development and any other information necessary for your website (including professional photography if required), giving yourself plenty of time to get organised before the start date of your project.

5. Do you need all of my content before you can get started?

We certainly do! Almost all projects will require content up front. Design is a little bit like a jigsaw puzzle – we have to consider all elements and understand the overall intended outcome before we even start to fit the pieces together. We don’t only have to consider the relationship between images and text (for example) but things like the amount of copy you provide, the number of images and even the orientation of the photos effects the design we produce. After we receive your brief, we’ll have a chat to you to discuss if we need to tailor elements of our process to suit your project.

6. Do I need to pay a deposit?

To secure your allocated time slot, a 50% deposit will be required. This is to ensure that your time & other client's are honoured also.

7. How many pages are included in a basic web package?

A basic website typically includes a Home Page along with an About page, Services pages, Blog, Contact page, FAQs, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions pages. The number of pages will vary depending on your website's purpose and the amount of content you need on the site, however we usually quote for 10 page sites, and additional pages can be added later at an agreed fee.

8. Can you build an e-commerce or Online Store?

Yes! An e-commerce/online store can be added at an additional fee. Your shop will be set up with three innovatory items to get you on your way. Please contact us at contact@handsomeground.com to find out more about this & other add ons that are on offer. To really kick off your e-commerce store Squarespace now integrate with both Stripe and Paypal.

9. Can you build me a website even though I live on the other side of the world?

Absolutely! Thankfully the internet has no bounds when it comes to doing business online. We are based in Canberra yet our client's are from all over the planet. Most meetings are conducted on Skype or Zoom. If you are in the Canberra area we are happy to organise a face to face meeting to discuss your ideas.

10. What other services do you provide?

Handsome Ground Studio is much more than just a web design studio. We offer brand solutions and logo design, digital assets, collateral and graphic design including social media assets, as well as custom css. Please see our Brand Design Services to find out more.

11. How much does it cost?

If you would like to find out more about the cost of our services, please Contact us with details about your project and we will send you our current price list.

12. Will I be able to update my website on my own?

Yes, you will be able to update your website as you wish. We build all of our websites with a user-friendly content management system. The biggest advantage of using our chosen CMS is that it requires very little technical skill or knowledge to manage, and you will have access to training videos that will orient you with your website further, so that you feel confident to edit your site as required.

13. What if I'm not satisfied with the final product?

This is very rare, but in the event something’s just not clicking, you do have the option to sever our contract and pay me for any work completed up to date. Please refer to our client contract for more information.