Branding Questionnaire

Delving deep into the values and mission of your new or growing business is actually really exciting, and something we always recommend to our clients before we get started.

We want to design a brand that is relevant, honest and thoughtful to your brand's vision, and a little bit beautiful too!

The following questions will help us:

  • Understand your mission and the broader vision of your business.
  • Determine the scope and goals of your brand.
  • Make your marketing efforts more efficient by better understanding your target audience and competitors.
  • Help us to get to know you better, so that we can design your brand colour palette, typography, and choose images that fit your brands' vision.

Let's get started...

Business Information
Brand Assets
What kind of logo design did you have in mind for your business?
If you don't know what colours you'd like, we will help develop these for you!
These could be brands in your professional feild, or from a completely different profession.
Additional Information

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