Case Study: Website Redesign for Private Genetics Health.

Website redesign for Private Genetics Health, Genetic Counselling Services based in Sydney

Meet the Client

Bernadette is the business owner and Genetic Counsellor behind Private Genetics Health, a Genetic Counselling service based in Sydney that helps patients and their families who are living with rare genetic conditions.

When Bernadette first reached out to Handsome Ground Studio she was ready to update her website design and invest in a beautiful, strategic website that would help her bring in more clients.

Before working with Handsome Ground, I was struggling with finding time to devote to my website, to train myself up, and then to create further content. I had a lack of clarity of how the website should look that made it difficult to know where to start.
— Bernadette - Private Genetics Health

Her DIY website had a very simple design, with limited branding, and she lacked confidence with the site as she found it difficult to update and manage herself. It was clear Bernadette needed a platform that would allow her the freedom of not having to keep up-to-date with plugins and software updates, and would also incorporate a user-friendly backend, so she could feel confident to make changes using the intuitive drag and drop editor in the future.

Private Genetics Website Homepage 2017 Before.jpg
Private Genetics Website Homepage 2017 After.jpg

Bernadette also needed a website that embodied her brand’s values of advocacy, support and education, so the new website needed to promote a nurturing online presence for families and patients who are living with rare genetic conditions. 

One of the most important objectives was a way to feature all the services that are offered by Private Genetics Health in a way that was clear and intuitive.  We spent a lot time designing the wireframe to deliver a navigation structure that was simple and intuitive, that would guide patients toward the information most relevant to them and their families.  


The Design Process

As with all my studio projects, I work to complete the website build in just 2-3 weeks.  Before our start date I sent out a little client homework to help get us on the same page in terms of direction and style.  

After completing the Website Questionnaire and having a phone strategy session to determine the best site structure to drive the site’s overarching objectives, I began by choosing a site template to begin the build.  The template incorporates flexibility of design - multiple header layouts, index pages with parallax scrolling, and a clean layout that provided a great blank slate to build Private Genetics Health – with lots of opportunity for customization.  I knew I wanted a site that Private Genetics Health could grow in to as they developed blog content and other educational & advocacy services.

Once the template was chosen, I built out the site’s full navigation and wireframe.  In weeks 2 & 3, we filled out the site content, selected and customised photography and design elements for the site, and tweaked the CSS so that the style and colour scheme was exactly how we wanted it to be.  

Once all this was done, my attention turned to branding out social media accounts and connecting them to the site.  I then further optimised the SEO potential of the site by updating the metadata and alt-text across the site to improve on the SEO rankings of the previous site, mapped out the URL redirects, and tested all the links & forms, so that we were ready to go before launching the site to the world!     


Styling and Design

In order to help Private Genetics Health differentiate their business through their website design, we looked at several sites within the Genetic Counselling niche before beginning the design process.  All of these sites seemed to focus on the practitioner rather than the patient, and I wanted to make sure that Bernadette’s site resonated with her potential clients – families and children who are living with genetic conditions.  We achieved this through the incorporation of thoughtful photography that highlights the diversity of the community and had a paediatric focus in keeping with the client’s Paediatric Specialisation.

A lot of the unique functions and style of the site were created with custom CSS to push the limits of the template to get styles and spacing just right, making the branding as integrated as possible.  The site draws its colour scheme largely from Private Genetics Health’s new logo design - embraces clean white space with pops of light blue and lime green.  We also sourced the photography to be in keeping with this colour scheme that helped to create a cohesive and very human dimension to the website. 

The site needed to be able to present a lot of Q & A information for patients, so we used custom JQuery and HTML coding to present information in dynamic accordion boxes for FAQs and Patient information.  These accordions condensed lots of information into smaller drop down boxes and reduced the need for excessive scrolling and long blocks of text across the site.   


The Result

Going from an outdated website to this new website is a huge transformation for Private Genetics Health.  The site is simple, clean and light; consistently branded; mobile responsive, SEO optimised, secured with SSL certification, and incorporates valuable call-to-actions across the site to boost engagement and convert visitors into new patients.  The new website for Private Genetics Health welcomes visitors to the values of the clinic through photography and styling that is both functional and relevant to its audience.

Handsome Ground Studio were able to explain complex web ‘stuff’ to me in simple terms. They sympathetic to my circumstances, which was very appreciated. Helena was able to use my brief regarding what I hoped the website would do, to come up with a user-friendly dynamic space where a complex medical service is easier to understand and approachable.
— Bernadette - Private Genetics Health
Website Design for Private Genetics Health Sydney.